Healthcare Technology Solutions

We tailor our technology solutions to meet your unique needs, helping you achieve your goals with ease and efficiency.
Our EMR Agnostic Solutions

Elastic Solutions brings more than 30 years of combined experience in EHR/EMR integration.  Our platform is EMR-Agnostic and can be leveraged and trusted for 24/7 operation and real-time status monitoring, reporting and instant alerts.

Data Management
Data Archiving

Elastic Solutions experts will partner with you to plan, design and deploy robust archiving solutions that meet regulatory requirements and your specific environments needs and requirements. A combined 50 years of experience will ensure timely execution and successful outcome.  

Data Analytics & BI

Our solutions unleash the potential of your data with next-level analytics and intelligence. Our data scientists and bioinformaticians have worked in Biotech, Healthcare, and Pharma domains and will partner with you to achieve your projects' goals.

Data Interoperability

Elastic's Interoperability platform provides for readily available and deployable capabilities to retrieve,  share and visualize data from different EHR/EMR and clinical systems and can be presented in the right format and setting for various audiences.

Revenue Cycle Management

Choose Elastic Solutions for unparalleled revenue cycle management expertise and services. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to streamline billing, coding, and reimbursement processes, ensuring increased revenue capture and reduced operational inefficiencies. With our expertise, healthcare organizations can focus on patient care while optimizing financial outcomes, leading to greater profitability and long-term success. Let us be your trusted partner in elevating revenue cycle management to new heights

Choose Elastic Solutions to automate your RCM workflows and processes.  Some of the services we offer include: 
  • Prior Authorization
  • Retro Authorization
  • Integration with payers, billers and clearing houses
  • AI driven RCM platform with rea-time dashboards for data driven decisions
  • Patients' demographic, Clinical notes and service order capture and verification


We can help you weave through the business and technical details for any scenario. We will map the business problems and needs with the technical solution that will ensure product delivery and reduce cost.


Our product management team makes extensive UI/UX studies for your internal provider, and patient user experience excellence.

Product Management

The Elastic Solutions Product Management team has experience in Biotech, Pharma, Clinical Trial and Medical Device domains and can partner with your team to help evolve, capture and document requirements, leverage science and data to help achieved desired outcomes.

Product Life Cycle Management

Use Elastic Solutions' product management and product management life cycle expertise in setting the strategy, create the roadmap, implement existing roadmaps, and conduct product requirement research.